Our History

NES NATURALEZA is born in 2011 as an initiative sponsored by a World Peace and Conflict Resolution fellow of the Rotary International Foundation. Thanks to the support of the Foundation, managed to complement her work experience promoting productive projects in rural areas. With significant international experience and interesting academic programs, mainly in Energy and Resources, and  Peace and Conflict Resolution, at one of the Top 10 universities in the world1, the University of California, Berkeley. NES NATURALEZA merges as an initiative of social and environmental entrepreneurship, aware of the close relationship between peace, rational use of resources and the ecosystem around us. NES NATURALEZA has been interested in developing initiatives at the local level, to enable sustainable human development based on the respect for human beings and the ecosystem, in order  to ensure not only quality of life for those living in rural areas, but help to ensure a sustainable world for future generations. NES NATURALEZA is aware, on one hand, of the importance of knowledge, the endless number of researches that exists worldwide and can be invaluable tools for the development and growth of the poorest countries. On the other, the difficulty for developing countries to access this information.  Taking into account this difficulties, NES NATURALEZA is established as a tool for dissemination and transfer of technology that drives the development of nations contributing to a more equitable world. NES NATURALEZA believes that a major advance towards the Millennium Development Goals can be made working on three key areas such as: nature, energy and society. Therefore, to achieve this, NES NATURALEZA seeks to develop a platform that allows, among others, reducing poverty and hunger in the countryside, and protect the environment.

1. Report of Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010-2011