Our Work

NES Naturaleza contributes to social and economic transformation of the rural sector and agribusiness through the promotion of productive projects. In that sense, NES Naturaleza, through the principles of sustainable development, drives an agro-industrial revolution in developing countries. NES Naturaleza supports the growth of agriculture through the integration of the value chain and the inclusion of smallholders. This allows agribusiness and rural sector to take advantage of global markets and fulfill their role of facilitators of progress and welfare. In that vein, through its experience, NES Naturaleza promotes wealth creation, diversification of products, knowledge generation, technical capacity for decision-making, and the assurance of local and global markets. NES Naturaleza achieves its objectives through the strengthening of two platforms: An Institutional Platform that allows the generation of technical capacity within the public sector, enables decision-making and policy definition for rural and agribusiness development. And a Business Platform whose function is to promote economic growth and wealth creation for all stakeholders, through inclusive and confidence generating models. But above all, Win-Win schemes that create harmony and long-term stability.