Green markets, Renewable Energy and Biotrade

Green markets and biotrade consist of environmentally friendly products and services and / or derivatives from sustainable use of the environment. They are divided into three categories: 1. Those designed to reduce the environmental impact of processes and products; 2. Those that focus on sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources; and 3. The ones that, through specific processes, generate less environmental impacts. Biotrade is growing at rates of 20% and 30% annually and also involves the social and economic aspects completing the virtuous circle of sustainability. NES Naturaleza with its experience promotes biotrade and supports the development of green and renewable energy markets. Also supports the design and development of projects for sustainable use and exploitation of non-timber natural products (flowers and exotic fruits, essential oils, medicinal plants, etc.), the timber natural products (wood and forest sub products), organic farming, organic fertilizers and bio-inputs.

•Environmental services focused on ecotourism, environmental impact studies and environmental education.

•Design and development of eco products, cleaner manufactured products, waste recovery and recycling, and clean energy.

Renewable or clean energy is foreseen as an important component of the energy matrix of various developing countries. In this sense agriculture has today an important role to play. However, this role should be developed sustainably and in a way it does not compete with food production or supply. The experience of NES Naturaleza offers the possibility to design projects to produce bioenergy from biomass.