Corporate Sustainable Criteria

The three components of sustainable development should be incorporated in all industries in order to reach an equilibrium between economic, social and environmental components. By incorporating these components, a company generates progress and improves quality of life, not only for its partners and stakeholders, but also for the people of their areas of influence. In particular, the implementation of sustainable criteria, is an opportunity for changing the way of developing the countryside and its rural areas. This sustainable criteria is based on principles such as the development of economically viable, environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial legal operations.

NES Naturaleza offers its expertise in the application of sustainable principles and criteria throughout the value chain. To achieve this, NES Naturaleza develops a methodological itinerary and protocol that integrates productive aspects and sustainability approaches. This work is executed in such a way that it guarantees a business vision that transforms into a comprehensive business philosophy adopted by the company and its stakeholders.

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